Thursday, June 2, 2011

Braid Out: Products Used and Results!

Since becoming natural, I've done several twist-outs that have turned out good and bad. I used the Eco Styler Styling Gel on those twist-outs, but this time around I wanted to try out shea butter to see if I would get better results. I'm also going to try doing a braid out for the first time. I'm hoping that this will stretch out my hair a little more than the twists would.

This is the shea butter that I used:

And this is what the braids looked like once I was finished:

I'm not sure if you guys can notice, but once I got to the end of the braid I started to combine two of the sections into one and began twisting the rest of the way. This is a method that I learned from watching br0nzeqt's channel on YouTube.

The next day it turned out pretty nice:

I'll keep you all updated with how long the braid-out lasts!


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